A report on the world applications of insurance agents and their 2023 vision was published. TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu likened the relationship between insurance companies and agents to a marriage bond and said, “Insurance companies can’t be happier than agents and agents can’t be happier than companies.” The report emphasizes need for insurance agents to consolidate and switch to a customer focused institutional structure.​


By reviewing insurance agents’ world applications, a vision has been determined for 2023. Among the goals set forth are consolidation and switching to a customer focused institutional structure.

Prepared for TOBB – Insurance Agents Executive Council (SAİK) by Deloitte Turkey, the “Insurance Agents World Applications Research and 2023 Vision” report was announced at a press meeting.

We want our insurance agents to cooperate and consolidate. We need KOSGEB support at this juncture,” said Hisarcıklıoğlu, stating that the report would draw a roadmap for the insurance sector and insurance agent profession.

Stating that the insurance system is one of the main factors of economic growth and increased commerce in the modern world, Hisarcıklıoğlu emphasized the need for a strong insurance system for economic growth. TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “Because economy and trade mean risk. There is no profit without risk. As the economy grows, as the figures rise, the desire to take risks decreases. You would invest 10 Liras into anything with a chance of profit. You wouldn’t be too careful. Now, if that money was 10,000 Liras instead of 10, you would sit and consider. You wouldn’t take risks easily. That is where insurance comes in; while others may partner with you for profit, the insurance system shares your risk, enabling you to do business. Insurance is the lubricant of the economic gears; without it the machine only lasts a month at most. The enabler of economy is the insurance sector.

The larger we manage to grow this sector and the more we make it robust, its contributions to the economy will increase proportionately.”

Pointing out that agents’ share of insurance premiums have dropped to 66% from 70% in 2006, Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “One of the fastest growing businesses is life insurance. Agents’ share has fallen from 33% to 7%. This shows that agents are stuck with just traffic and automobile insurance.

If that wasn’t enough, the commission of agents in traffic insurance has been lowered to 1%.”

- Deputy Undersecretary of the Treasury Dr. Ahmet Genç

Deputy Undersecretary of the Treasury Dr. Ahmet Genç reviewed the legislative changes during his speech. Stating that innovation, R&D and technology are not concepts exclusive to industrial production, Genç stressed the need for innovation in the insurance sector. Genç said, “We need to talk more about innovation. Perhaps we should hold competition for new ideas. R&D shares have increased but results are needed, too. I believe that this work conducted with the support of TOBB is of the utmost importance.” Genç thanked those who contributed to the preparation of the report.

-TOBB SAİK Chair Hüseyin Kasap

TOBB - Insurance Agents Executive Council (SAİK) Chair Hüseyin Kasap focused on consolidation and review during his speech. Stating that there are mechanisms to review insurance agents all over the world, Kasap said, “We are not at the point where we want to be in regards to reviewing the actions of non-agents. We will implement an active review mechanism.”